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Onsite IT Services in KL  & Selangor


Onsite IT Services in KL & Selangor


Overall Support,Services & Repair Of All Computer Devices
Email & Hosting service Support & Maintenance
Every 2 Week Onsite IT Preventive Maintenance By Department
Unlimited On-Site Visit In Case Of Breakdown Upon Called
Unlimited Phone &Email & Remote Online Support ( Within 3 Hours) Scope Of JOB as below:
1. Network / Wi-Fi / Internet Maintenance & Service
2. Printer connection troubleshooting & Support
3. Relocation of Computers within same branch.
4. Computer hardware & Applications issues troubleshooting & service
5. Setup/edit/remove emails & hosting account & Domain names
6. Each Computer Preventive Maintenance
7. Monitor & Remove Unathorized files and softwares
8. computer software management & standardization
9. Monthly Reports will be provided to management on all work done
* Complimentary Motherboard CMOS battery replacement annually if necessary.
* Complimentary Physical clean-up of computers every 3 months if necessary. 
Does not include hardware replacement cost. Addtional cost incur for any other addtional system/hardware requested 

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